A Boards / Banners


At Sign Up, we design and produce A-boards and personalised banners to help you with brand promotion and with generating brand awareness. Investing in display signs/boards is an effective way of displaying your intangibles and creating a memorable, brand identity. A-boards and banners are designed to withstand all types of weather, keeping their aesthetics and quality intact for long periods of time.

We exist to provide competitively priced A-boards and banners, with each product made to the highest standard of quality. If you want your business to achieve more noticeability, this signage method is one of the most suitable options to start with. Investing in pavement signs are a must for any company – outdoor signs increase awareness of your brand on a daily basis, and they can be used to entice the public into visiting or contacting your business directly.

A practical and cost-effective advertisement solution.

Our A-boards and banner products are designed bespoke to you, reflecting both your intentions and your business’ persona. If you’re situated on the high street, in a shopping centre or anywhere of public interest – pavement boards and banners are an essential advertisement method.

Advertise to a broad audience everyday, anywhere. 

A-boards can be used to advertise all year round due to their long-term durability, while banners can be used to promote practically anywhere to a broad audience at any given time. You can design your A-board or banner to your own, personal ideas, you can also have them made to any size or style with us here at Sign Up.