Illuminated External Signs


One of the most effective methods of signage comes in the form of illuminated signage; they provide excellent visual appeal and guarantee you brand awareness during all hours of the day. With fluorescent signs you can expect great engagement and create predominant noticeability for all hours of the day – illuminated, exterior signs are a worthy investment that will generate useful brand awareness.

While you provide the initial design of your sign and how you aim for it to look, we can help with adjustments to help improve upon it. We will create, manufacture and install your sign, delivering it promptly and install the sign just as quickly and accurately. Light-up, external signs are the best way to allow your business to stand out in the crowd and against other competitors.

Generate a memorable and engaging brand presence. 

Whether it’s for informative or promotional purposes, installing an illuminated, exterior sign will grab your audience’s attention. At Signs Up we can design your sign at any size, style or colour to help you achieve the aesthetics you’re after that best reflect your brand’s persona. The illuminated signage is a flexible, promotional solution allowing you to create signs that are entirely bespoke and creative.

Sustain an excellent visual impact with LED, external signs. 

Our illuminated, exterior signs retain long-term durability under all weather conditions and comply with the standard safety regulations. This type of signage is ideal for businesses who deal with the public on a daily basis or companies who are open during the night. You can install illuminated signs for a range of uses, including highlighting menus, information boards or slogans.